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Tariq Anwar, Gabrielle Anwar (photos and screen captures)

  Tariq is a famous film editor. According to the Wikipedia: " Anwar was born in DelhiBritish India and was raised in Lahore and Bombay. His mother, Edith Reich, was an Austrian Jew, and his father was Indian film actor and director Rafiq Anwar. He moved with his mother to London after his parents divorced."
   Here's a short interview where he tells how he drifted into the film indusry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol1bIBTJjhQ His English is British and he produces an impressin of a humble unambitious person who loves his job and is good at it.
   Some tips of advice he gives (from http://filmmakermagazine.com/33460-tariq-anwar-on-the-art-of-postproduction/#.VjePDOafcZl).
 * Don’t cut arbitrarily; don’t cut just to cut.
* There are no rules for editing. “You just deal with the material you’ve got.”
* It’s impossible to assemble a montage without a temp music track. In The King’s Speech his temp music of Mozart and Beethoven even made it into the final film.
* Directors just need to get good coverage. That may sound cliché but it cannot be overemphasized.
* Editors should do whatever they can to get into a cutting room. You can’t learn by watching someone else edit. You have to edit yourself.     

Gabrielle Anwar, tha daughter of Tariq. To me she is famous for three 1990s films: "The Three Musketeers" (1993), where she is a brunette, "The Scent of a Woman" (1992), and (last but not least) "The Mysteries of the Dark Jungle" (1991 TV series), where she is blonde. I consider her beautiful. 
There's got to be CD somewhere. 

A couple of screen shots from "Wild hearts can't be broken" (1991). 

And a couple of other screencaps (that were once on the official website). Romantic, as if from a fairy tale or fantasy.

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