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Viggo Mortensen interview quote on art and creativity

   From the "10 questions for Viggo Mortensen" interview.
 Question: Which art form is your favourite?
 Answer: You know, I don't really separate them. They're all the same thing. You know, I don't think children separate different artistry. They don't separate themselves, either. They don't say, as adults do: well, there are artists, and then there are other people. Kids, if they want do draw they draw, if they want to sing they sing, the want to pretend they are the lone ranger, or Aragorn, or an elf, or a monster, they just do it, they don't think about it. It's only adults that make that distinction and I think that everybody, even when they grow up, is an artist. It's just a way of living. Being an artist, that's why I don't separate them, different artistic endeavours, it just has to do with paying attention, remembering and filtering what you see and answering back, participating in life.

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