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On the "Odyssey" 1991-1992 Canadian TV series (season 1)

   It was in 2008 when the "Odyssey" fans including myself asked Paul Vitols (one of the scriptwriters of the first season) to write about the making of the film, which he did quite generously on his blog: http://www.paulvitols.com/the-odyssey/the-odyssey-odyssey/ (posts tagged 'the odyssey odyssey').
   I waited for a new post at the time and printed it on paper for comfortable reading. As I writer Paul Vitols gives the details and the background to the story. He tells about the choice of actors and inspirations, the collaboration of the crew up to the ready first pilot episode. (This is an engaging reading, which I recommend to all who wish to improve their language skills.) The shorter version of the "Odyssey" story is on this blog.  http://www.paulvitols.com/the-odyssey/the-odyssey-odyssey/
   In addition to this, there's another present for the fans of the fantasy adveture series: in 2013 the talk with the author was recorded, here's the audio http://www.rewatchability.com/2013/01/24/episode-75-the-odyssey/ In this sort of interview the scriptwriter himself reveals some details of creating the story https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/76984266/Episode%2075-%20THE%20ODYSSEY.mp3 from min. 17:40 to min. 31:40.

     I think the alternative ending are possible from fan fiction writers,  because  the film has neither developped nor been completed the right way,  as the original authors had been able to have it the way they saw it.
   There's one more "present" I'd like to share because I think it would be interesting for the fans. In 2008 I e-mailed to Paul Vitols asking him some questions bout the "Odyssey" and also giving some of my ideas.
     My e-mail, date 9.02.2008, "A long letter from Liza". 
Hello, Paul. I’m writing at last.
    When we (my sister and I) watched the film we came to think about the choice of names. Later I tried to look them up. I thought: why were the characters named this way? Something I found.
        On the choice of names
 Jay -- A male given name, nickname for James, Jason, or for any male name beginning with a "J" . Also, as the series is called “The Odyssey”, it suggests some allusions to the “Odyssey” – the character Jason.
 Donna. It is interesting to note that in Italian this name means a woman. 1) (initial capital letter ) Madam; Lady: an Italian title of respect prefixed to the given name of a woman. 2) an Italian lady.
 Keith – etimology. Place name in Scotland from a Celtic word meaning "wood".
 So that is very interesting.
  Now I would like to ask you some questions.
1) The first one is as follows. It’s about the initial (or original idea). You aand Warren are stated as the creators. When you had this idea of the plot, did you have any idea – maybe not a clear one – but an idea of a possible development and ending of the story? I just don’t know how to put it. I’m asking this because I have an impression as if after the first season the idea was considerably altered, differing a lot from the original one. In other words – did it correspond with the way you wanted to see your work? Or did you have a general idea without having sort of the whole picture of the story?
To make the first question clearer, I’ll give an example. Tolkien wrote without knowing what would happen next. While writing, he looked back at the previous notes making them correspond with the following. I think he definitely had some general ideas of what he wanted to say in his work, but it developed with him. Do you write like this or in some other way? Or did you have sort of a draft in your head?
2) The second question is not so difficult? Where was the series filmed? Where are those beautiful locations in Episode 1? Can we see some photos?
The first season is the best. Episode 1 is so nice.
My sister and I, we didn’t like that infatuation of Jay with Medea/Sierra. We would have liked better some hints to a possible romantic relation with the character Alpha/Donna. Excuse me for my criticisms, I don’ want to hurt you.
Still the final episode – I have watched it recently – shows some of the interesting ideas originating from the beginning of the story, for example, about the children-adults relationship.
When I now watch extracts from the film, there’s a feeling of self-identification with the characters, in a good sense of course, when you sympathize with the characters.
3) The story is not complete. There’s some need for a satisfying ending. What are your personal impressions, opinions of the plot? Are you satisfied? Would you like to complete it or write it in a sort of a novel?
     Maybe I’ll write more. So to be continued.

     Thank you very much for your answers. I hope my words didn’t hurt you in any way.

      Wishing all the best, respectfully,
   The reply came on the same day, entitled 'quick answer'.
   Hi Liza. Many thanks for your e-mail--and for being a fan of the show. I appreciate your comments on the blog as well.

   I'm very glad that you take such an interest in The Odyssey, and are interested in the origins and ideas behind various aspects of it. My first thought is this: let me get through my story in the blog, in which I expect some of your questions will be answered. I'll continue with the story of how The Odyssey came to be created and made. After that, if there are things I haven't addressed, I'll answer your questions in more detail.

   But I do want to say that I don't mind in the least that you thought season 1 was the best--in fact, I'm delighted to hear it! I agree. It happened that Warren and I were fired off The Odyssey after season 1, and replaced by other writers. We had essentially no input into the show for seasons 2 and 3, and in fact I didn't even watch any of those episodes myself. It was a painful and unjust development, even by the standards of show business (whose standards are very low). I may go on to talk about that in the blog as well.

   But I didn't want you to feel worried about hurting my feelings! On the contrary, I feel vindicated.

   So: thanks again, and stay tuned...

   So there it is. 

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