суббота, 21 ноября 2015 г.

Starting to read Charlotte Bronte's 'Shirley'

   I had only covered four and a half chapters when I put the book aside. But perhaps I'll continue, after having read the introduction in the Wordsworth Classics edition. The ideas are interesting, I have learned about the main story lines from the introduction. However, not all is interesting.
  The novel is very long, ,longer than 'Jan Eyre'.
  The language is good, but there are a lot of details and lingerings. Instead of watching TV series people read long books in the past. The stories don't start: you read and read, and nothing much really happens.
  But the psychological portraits are good.
  There are many characters. The first impressions are remindful of Dicken's style, the sort of humour in describing people, and partly that of L. Tolstoy's "The War and Peace" (or "The War and The World") novel.

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