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What else there is about the "Odyssey" (the 1990s series)

   There are different types of fantasy fans some are more intellectual and fry to get ti the idea and meaning, the others enjoy the story and the characters. The second type tend to become fanfiction writers, which doesn't often turn out to be talented.
   As for the "Odyssey" series, I commend season 1.
   What I found on the internet are the fan pages.
   This one comes first. http://downworld.livejournal.com/ It's pre-modreated for posting but con\mmenting is available. This LJ community leads to some more links.
   Like this LJ http://bradziegler.livejournal.com/ where the author gives his reviews of each season and also refers to another page: http://illyawoloshyn.com/. The author of the site seams to have a lot to say about the film and his ideas, which he does in detail on his blog as well. http://theodyssey1992.blogspot.ru/
   Some fans are interested in the question: what happens to the "downworld" and some fanfiction. The two versions completing the final episode of the film are as follows. http://theodyssey1992.blogspot.ru/2014/10/fan-fiction_3.html
    The second one. http://archiveofourown.org/works/24573
    Now some of my thoughts on how the "Odyssey" story should be or should have been. The fanfiction could start from the end of the first season.
   On the whole, I think, this should have been a feature film, or a mini-series: the kind of story had better not last too long.
   The downwold and the upworld... Why do the people separate them? Why not treat this as a certain dream, a journey inside Jay's mind, reflecting some truth and reality somehow and merging into it? Subconcsiousness and concsiousness, Jay's reflexions and search for the answers. Because the quest is to come back home and not to stay in this strange world. As this is not the "Spellbound" type of series, where there exist two parallel worlds, both real in terms of the story: a kin of fairy-tale-fantasy world and the real world. The "Odyssey" story is different: the fantasy world has the same main characters participating in Jay's life, but in different images. The counteraction between the two worlds and the two images is essential -- at the ending of the story the pueces of the jigsaw should come together, the upworld and the downwold become one.
   The problem about making up Jay's story is the image of his father. Jay in the film is sure that he's alive. If he really is alive, why has he been missing for so long? Has he been on a secret mission, even from his family? ... If Jay's dad is not alive, why is he so sure that he is and, anyway, what would be the right way to end the story without making the image Jay's father not so worthy and positive? 

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