четверг, 17 апреля 2008 г.

Why I write

Even one reader is a reader. Thanks, Ann!
I think I had wanted my wrings to be read more than I do. Or rather now I realize that I write, first thing, because I want to, because I want this to be. Of course it's gratifying and pleasing when your texts are read, understood, found interesting, and when someone takes an interest in your personality -- and to me it is pleasing, too. But it is not the first thing. If you don't want it, guys, you don't have to read it.
Through blogging there's a possibility to find people who are interested in those things you touch upon, and freely. (I also mean to say that those who search for certain things will find them and appreciate them, they will find what they want.)
Then I've been thinking. Who am I to interest anyone as a personality and writer/blogger? Though I find some of my posts interesting, on the whole, what is there so interesting? So I'm learning.

3 комментария:

Lady Ciriel комментирует...

You have a very noble view of writing. You sure you want to use your writing skills only for blogging and for LJ?

Liza комментирует...

Oh, I've just noticed your comment! Thanks for compliments.)))
Probably not only for blogging but meanwhile blogs are a means of sharing to me.

Lady Ciriel комментирует...

Well, some people criticize blogs and LJs. You probably already read it:


Of course they overdo it a little in that article.