воскресенье, 20 апреля 2008 г.

Reading experience

   When I was a child, I enjoyed reading fairy tales, the magic that was in them, I think. For example, when I was about nine, there was a rather long tale, about a Russian warrier, who fought for something, had lots of adventures, I was reading this in the park library (there was a library in the park at that time in the city of Saratov, where we went for the whole summer), it was very exciting! Now I don't recall the details, the plot.
I liked other tales, magic stories, adventures, too. I liked the Chronicles of Narnia a lot. One of my favourite books was 'The Horse and His Boy'. When I was rereading it some time later -- I wanted more details: descriptions, relationships, psychology. I was about eleven or twelve -- I guess, something else was becoming more interesting about fairy tales, not the magical, adventure aspect, but the relationships of people, their psychology, their feelings, probably.

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