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Adriana Tarábková in 'Dievča'

  Adriana Tarábková is famous for her role in the fairy tale 'King Blackbird/(Thrushbeard)' (("Kráľ Drozdia brada" 1984) directed by Miloslav Luther. Some sources say that the director saw her photo in the "Dievča" sewing fashion magazine. However there has not been anything on the net so far to prove that Adriana was featured in the 1984 magazine and before. But there are her photos in some later than 1984 issues, for example http://www.antikvariat-5d.cz/itemdetail.aspx?iid=978140 1986 03, Dievča časopis. 
  I've recently bought a 1 1985 issue from http://www.ms77.ru/ with a few photos of her. Perhaps she modelled not before but after the film had been released (?).
  Here are the pics. 

  By the way, there is a Miroslav Luther website, and there is a sort of trailer with the original in Czech (or Slovak?) (not in German) -- it would be good to have a full video like that. http://www.miloslavluther.sk/?categ=dlhometrazne_filmy&page=kral_drozdia_brada As well there are  some good quality images at the bottom of the page.

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