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'A Sunny Disposish' (lyrics + authors)

  It was not sp easy to find the lyric. Thanks to http://laurie-ru.livejournal.com/351730.html , where there are more links to different videos and audios of the song.
  Hugh Laurie sings this song in 'Jeeves & Wooster' film. 'A song with a spot of pholosophy'.
  Ira Gershwin is George Gershwin's older brother.
  In this song there's a play on words -- the endings are omitted and contracted to 'sh': disposition and delicious. A sunny disposish (mood) will always help.

    A Sunny Disposish (1926)
Music: Philip Charig,Lyrics: Ira Gershwin

Any time you hear the thunder rumble down
Don't let her tumble down
Or castles crumble down
If the blues appear just make
the best of them
Just make a jest of them
Don't be possessed of them

At the risk of sounding rather platitudinous
Here's what I believe should be
the attitude in us

A sunny disposish will always see you
When up above the skies are grey,
'stead of being blue
Mr. Trouble always makes our faces long
But a smile will have him saying
"so long"

It really doesn't pay to be a gloomy pill-
It's absolutely most ridic.,
positively sill. –
The rain may pitter patter,
It really doesn't matter;
For life can be delish.
With a sunny disposish.

Must confess I like your way
of viewing it
No use in ruing it
When gloom is bluing it
Taking your advice the sad
and weary all
Have no material
To be funereal

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