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The importance of being honest -- an extract from a Russian film

  This is a little piece from a Russian film 'A Literature Lesson' (1968), based on Victoria Tokareva's story ("A day without lying"), the script is hers as well. Here's a page http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063752/.
   It's about a young graduate (educated as a journalist) working at school. There are a lot of interesting ideas. But the main one jumps to this: telling the truth (importantly -- to oneself), being honest. This is a final monologue of the main character. It starts somewhere on the eighth minute of this file, soon after the piano sounds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT47OLVZmhI&feature=related
   That is a quote from the film that comes at the end, showing the main character's speculations.
   ''Now the day is over. I've lived it the way I wanted to: I wasn't afraid of anyone, I told what I think both to myself and the others. And what will be tomorrow? For if I want to live the way I lived yesterday I will not be able to do it, and, in fact, I do not want to.
Maybe the transition period is the period when you stop asking questions to the people around you and start asking them to yourself. This period can come at the age of fifteen, and at twenty five, and at forty. Or it may never come.
   What have I lost? Everything. What have I gained? Everything.''
   How it's really important to be honest with oneself and allow transition period (asking questions) to move on.

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